Kyle Borman and Ben Bruce

Ben Bruce

After years of planning, touring, writing and learning. After ups and downs, arguments and agreements I have grown to not only love the music industry, but understand it and respect it.

KBB records is a label run by artists, for artists. With my love and passion for music along with my knowledge and understanding of the music industry it's our goal to work alongside incredible artists of all genres and to create and release amazing music for the world to fall in love with.

Kyle Borman

KBB started as a small recording studio that Ben Bruce and I started together a few years ago with the intention of providing traveling bands a means to record high end, professional records and demos whilst out on the road. I've spent the last 10 years working hard and learning the ins and outs of the rapidly progressing and ever changing music industry. From owning and managing Bordur Coach Leasing, to managing artists, to sound engineering and tour managing internationally acclaimed bands.

With all of the skills I have acquired over the last decade and the relationships I have built around the world, together, myself and Ben have managed to turn what started out as a small, mobile recording studio, into an artist friendly record label with a team of staff with the experience and passion that can rival even the largest record labels around the world. KBB is dedicated to developing talented and passionate artists of all genres and helping them share their music with the world and accomplishing their dreams.

KBB Records

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